Saltwater Conversion

Saltwater systems have become very popular in recent years because of the many advantages over conventional chlorine systems.  Unlike traditional systems where chlorine has to be added through a chlorinator or directly in the pool, saltwater systems use ordinary salt to generate chlorine while the pool is running. That means no handling or storing buckets of chlorine. Benefits of Saltwater systems include:

Comfort: Saltwater is softer on your skin- no more irritated eyes, itchy skin and discolored hair. It is also less damaging to bathing suits and other clothing.

Chemicals: You’ll find yourself using a lot less of them. Typically salt water pools require very little in terms of specialty chemicals such as algaecides, clarifiers and the like. The most important thing with a salt chlorine generator is keeping your Alkalinity and Ph in line.

Maintenance: Required pool maintenance is significantly reduced because the chlorine generator produces consistent, predictable amounts of chlorine on a daily basis eliminating peaks and valleys of chlorine levels that lead to algae blooms and swimmer discomfort.

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